Taking a look into the not to distant future, this video has over 19 million hits on youtube.

As the Senior Art Director for Westernized Productions, I helped to manage the entire post production pipeline on the project, supervise and mentor a large and diverse group of artists, and collaborate with the Producer, Director,  and VFX supervisor to make the vision of the video a reality.



Director: David Mackie

Rough House Editorial

Producer: Todd Lindo

Editor: Marc Cebrin

Title Designer: Kit Klangsin


Westernized Productions

VFX Supervisor: Marcello Grande

Senior Art Director: Scott Bartholomew

VFX Editor: Scott Bartholomew

2D Artists: Scott Bartholomew, Christian Castaneda, Janelle Falcone,

Nathan Hackett, Ally M., Marco Salsiccia, Luke Witkowski

3D Artists: Scott Bartholomew, Geoff Hect, Wren Myer

Elastic Creative

Lead UI Designer: Joe Wu

2D Artists: Hernan Santander, Ryota Saito, Joe Wu

3D Artists: Brandon Blizzard, Hernan Santander