Symantec Vision

Created for the opening of one of Symantec's largest customer events, this video introduced attendees to the conference.

I was responsible for generating the concept, directing the live action shoot, editing the video, and creating several of the 3D scenes in the video.

Westernized Productions

Director: Scott Bartholomew
Creative Director: Marcello Grande
Producer: Joel Wasko
Production Coordinator: Jackie Yea
Senior Art Director: Scott Bartholomew
2D Artists: Scott Bartholomew, Christian Castaneda, Alec Cummings, Janelle Falcone, Zack Freeman, Nathan Hackett, David Rickles, Carlos Tsoi
3D Artists: Scott Bartholomew, Alec Cummings, Zack Freeman, David Rickles, Carlos Tsoi
Video Editor: Scott Bartholomew